Wednesday, 21 April 2010

It's LOSE not LOOSE !!

There is an epidemic on the internet. The word "lose" (as in, "I'm rapidly losing my marbles over this awful spelling") seems to have become "loose" (as in "set loose the dogs of war upon these miscreants"). 

It's everywhere!! In fact, it seems to be on the point of replacing the correct spelling "LOSE" altogether. I am not exaggerating when I say from my own observation, that the incorrect spelling is now more common than the correct spelling.

There are two words. One is LOSE, the other is LOOSE. They mean different things.  Yet more and more (on the Net), they are being spelled the same way. For anyone who doesn't know, here are the differences between the two words:

LOSE - to suffer deprivation of (something) 

LOSE (verb) : "I win - you lose"

LOSING (participle; adjective) : "losing my mind"; "the losing hand"

LOST (past tense) : "I lost my way"; "the lost sheep"

LOSER : "you, who cannot spell. LOL"

LOSS (noun) : "I experienced the loss of my sanity"

- - - - - - - - - 

LOOSE / LOOSEN - to untie or to set free; make less tight

LOOSE / LOOSEN (verb) : "I set loose the tiger" "I loosen my seat belt"

LOOSE (adjective) : "the belt feels loose to me"

LOOSED (past tense) : "the dogs were loosed by Montgomery Burns"

(there is no noun)

And if you already spell it correctly, then make my day - if you see LOOSE for LOSE online, put it right! And if the person gets annoyed, send them to me.  :-)

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  1. I used to think this was just a Swenglish (Swedish/English) mistake, but agree that it has reached epidemic proportions on the Internet. I can understand it - compare the pronunciation of Choose and Loose - but I can't condone it. (Even though I can't swear not to have made the slip myself. You know my spelling!]