Sunday, 21 March 2010

Artwiculate - some of my tweets (1)

Artwiculate is a Twitter-based word game. Each day a new word is published, all the tweets with that word appear on the Artwiculate site, and can be voted on. I've been playing for 3 months, and these are some of my own efforts :

"Oneiric" (dreamlike) :

I pass through the mirror into an oneiric landscape: I walk under a green sky, on clouds lit by a billion stars beneath my feet

oneiric lives ~ terrestrial wanderers ~ chasing the dawn . #haiku

Oneiric is as oneiric.. melts the faces of time over washing lines into a metamorphosis of fish, strangeness and charm . #Dali

"Penchant" (taste for):

a cold wind blows from hell, and zombies with a penchant for beautiful thoughts are eating my brains . #cookery #eatingout

If this was the last day of your life, my friend - tell me, wouldn't you have a penchant for what each second brought you?

Oh hold me tight! Caress my penchant for you until passion's flame ignites, & we'll come to rest at last in love's afterglow. 

penchant for living ~ savouring each breath he takes ~ condemned man's last hour . #haiku

"Flibbertigibbet" (flighty - especially a young woman):

flibbertigibbet ~ flighty there, but never here ~ butterfly life  . #haiku

"Why, Mr Darcy, do you think me such a flibbertigibbet as unable to comprehend that we two inhabit a best-selling novel?"

"Brogue" (type of shoe; dialect):

Brogue - walk the talk?  

"Fungible" (interchangeable):

human beings ~ stardust, golden, unique ~ never fungible . #haiku

"Languor" (languid, listless, dreamy):

In languor deep we lay
As sun announced the day
Exhausted from the fray
Of night-long passion's play
No dragons more to slay

our anger spent ~ exhausted from the fray ~ yield to languor . #haiku

"Holy doze Batman! It's.. The Languor!" "I'm ready, Robin - coffee, amphetamine, Jane Fonda video.. I'll just take a nap first"

"Parsimonious" (stingy, mean):

Otto the odious octopus was extremely parsimonious: he'd give with one hand, and take with seven


Yesterme, yesteryou, yesternight, yesterlove . #artwiculate #StevieWonder

Sir Lancelot got Guinevere, Sir Galahad got the Grail, Sir Yesternight got to do all the washing up & cleaning

Dracula bows ~ fantasy in black velvet ~ yesternight . #haiku

Yesternight we kissed ~ scents on the breeze of today ~ love's open window . #haiku

Guy walks into a bar and orders a Yesternight. Barman: "We don't open until 6PM yesterday evening - come back then"

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  1. Great to see all these. What fun it is! I wish I still had time to enter but I'm just about to announce the major project I'm starting.... I still quote a lot of these Artwiculate tweets, and 'Mr Bond' has become a regular joke.