Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Artwiculate - some of my tweets (2)

^  thanks to @StarofSavannah for creating this picture of Ludovic
Artwiculate is a Twitter-based word game. Each day a new word is published, all the tweets with that word appear on the Artwiculate site, and can be voted on. Here are some more of my efforts :

"misnomer" (wrongly-named) :

The "Unsinkable" Titanic gloated at high speed over the Atlantic until her misnomer was corrected by an iceberg

Guy walks into a bar and injures his head. It was actually a steel girder . #misnomer

Shooting stars are a misnomer : they are not stars, nor do they carry guns 

I am what I am ~ not your sculptured misnomer ~ and I will survive . #haiku #GloriaGaynor #ElizaDoolittle

"indubitably" (undoubtedly):

"Holmes, I deduce that right now, Mrs Hudson is downstairs preparing a tray of tea for us" "Indubitably, Watson - it is 3:55pm"

indubitably : a short step from the Penumbra of Uncertainty into the sunlight of "Yes" .

stardust within me ~ lights my way to who I am ~ indubitably . #haiku #artwiculate

When the heart reaches higher ground & stands awed at life's new sunlit vistas, we indubitably feel that eternity is here, now

"pandiculation" (stretch & yawn):

prison pandiculation : a long stretch

When we're apart my arms stretch out / And weep at empty air / Pandiculation, in my heart / Love smiles - I find you there

"odalisque" (harem virgin):

Just be yourself - ask nothing, love, from me / And then your willing odalisque I'll be

The vanquished night, the eastern sky, a pale gold nascent disk / A new day dawns & I'm still here: Light's passionate odalisque

"surreptitiously" (furtively, with stealth):

On the eastern horizon, a rosy glow surreptitiously transforms grey to gold, a diurnal alchemy heralding the coming of the light

You phoned me repetitiously

And love-bombed me capriciously

Stole my heart surreptitiously

You're now my life, deliciously

tiptoe through my life ~ surreptitiously hoping ~ someone notices . #haiku

"gesticulate" :

Guy walks into a bar and orders a Gesticulate. Barman: "That's two fingers of Scotch, and one finger of dry ginger, right?"

The sun & rain in harmony gesticulate their adoration of this bejewelled Earth, and a rainbow is their love child.

Gesticulate : the early worm flips the bird.

I gesticulate ~ not waving but drowning ~ no-one sees . #haiku

"odious" (hateful) :

His poems were poor, his odes odious, his verse even worse

Guy walks into a bar & orders an Odious. Barman: "Beer topped up with creme-de-menthe, Coke, & Cherry soda, yes?" #NowIFeelSick

odious to part ~ our symbiosis wreckage ~ weep for lost love . #haiku

Odious - the new cologne for ex-boyfriends : "Because You're Not Worth It"


"symbiosis" (lifeforms joined in mutual dependancy) :

Waves die on the shore, caressing the sand which hugs them gently as they slide back into the vast ocean; symbiosis of land & sea

You and I, arm in arm, heart to heart, soul to soul. 1 + 1 = 1. Symbiosis.

music needs silence ~ sound born in space, returns home ~ symbiosis art . #haiku

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